Nile University

An Independent and Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence and professional practice.

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Nile University is a Private University, with the aim of promoting quality education, academic excellence, professional practice, and integral growth and development.

It was an ambitious new University in the North-Western Uganda, promoting regional development and through its unique and practical programs, especially, through the teaching of practical courses and modern Science and Technology, is an answer to the many challenges of humanity image.

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The history of Nile University dates as far back as 1860’s when St. Daniel Comboni had a plan of starting a University with four learning Centers in the Equatorial region and along the various coasts of Africa. In August 2003 Nile University kicked off with its administration and in September the same year, the first students of Nile University entered the University (53 of them) and started with Lectures.

Faculty of Agriculture

This faculty is designed to provide students with the skills, aptitudes and technical knowledge necessary to prepare them to enter the fields of agricultural production and farm management. It is aimed at improving student’s understanding of modern farming by teaching them the process and techniques that enable them identify, diagnose and analyze problems in agriculture and students can design and apply technologies needed in the development of agriculture and food systems thus improving agricultural productivity.


Nile University offers a good number of courses at all levels(Certificate, Diploma and Bachelors) falling under different faculties that are well explained below. Some of the programmes are; Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Farm Management, and Animal Husbandry and Farm Management under Agriculture. Under Business we have; Business Administration and Management, Accounting and Finance, Office Administration and Secretarial Studies, Project Planning and Management and finally Arts in Education, Education (Secondary and Primary) – Arts and Early Childhood Education.

Faculty of Business Administration and Management

In order to train an all-round graduate who  brings both managerial skills and good character to society, the faculty offers an appropriate range of courses including courses in ethics that lead to two broad specializations, namely marketing and management and finance and Accounting. The primary focus of the faculty is on effective management and participation in organizations.

Faculty of Education

This faculty has been established to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Its main tasks and responsibility will consist in providing a degree program in Education Secondary as determined by the University. The main thrust of the Faculty’s programs aims to blend theory and practice. Given this perspective, the University strives to train students into graduates who understand and have internalized theory. The student will also acquire useful managerial skills and attitudes which can be applied and adapted in relevant fashion to varied work scenarios.

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