National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI)

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National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) is a semi-autonomous Public Agricultural Research Institute (PARI) of Uganda, established by the National Agricultural Research Act 2005, headed by a Management Committee and operating under the National Agricultural Research System (NARS).

National Fisheries Resources Research Institute vision is to be a centre of excellence in fisheries innovations working in collaboration with SMART partnerships.

Mission: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute mission is to generate the knowledge base, develop and disseminate fisheries technologies and information for increased but sustainable fish production, conservation of the fisheries genetic resources, water quality and fish habitat and to develop and manage the research and required linkages with stakeholders.

Training and Research: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute main training and research activities are, Fisheries, Fish biology and ecology, Stock assessment, Physico chemical conditions and algal dynamics, Invertebrate food studies, Aquatic plants and weeds, Fish quality and safety, Fisheries Socio-economics, Aquaculture Research, Brood stock improvement and fry production, Live and pelleted feed production, Pond dynamics and management, Fish parasites and diseases.

Fish biology: This discipline is sub divided into four areas that is fish biology and ecology which study the fish habitations, fisheries taxonomy concerned with the fish types, fish genetics which studies fish genes and fish stock assessment which deals in the quantity of fish available in the water.

Socio-economics: This section deals with the socio economic aspects of the fishery and its impacts on the economy and livelihoods.

Marine section: This section deals with marine engineering. It designs, develops and coordinates maintenance and repair of marine machinery and related equipment, marine mechanical under general supervision interprets blue prints, sketches or verbal.

History: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute was established by the British colonial Government in 1947 as the East African Fisheries Research Organization (EAFRO). Later in 1960 the name of the Organization was changed to the East African Freshwater Fisheries Research Organization (EAFFRO). Following the East African Community (EAC) break up in 1977, the Government of Uganda took it over as the Uganda Freshwater Fisheries Research Organization (UFFRO). When the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) was formed in 1992, the name of the organisation was changed to Fisheries Research Institute (FIRI), and later to Fisheries Resources Research Institute (FIRRI).

[related_posts]Mandate: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute mandate is to conduct basic and applied research of national and strategic importance in Aquaculture, Capture fisheries, Water environment, Socio-economic and Marketing and Information Communication Management and emerging issues in the fisheries sector.



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