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Meritorious Biz Tech College | MBTC is here to offer experiential and outstanding learning and teaching for 21st Century student. What they do at Meritorious Biz Tech College is to nurture students and help them become what they want to be after their studies.

The college was established with a purpose of making a difference in the training of Accounting, Business, Technology and Management students within the region and is registered with the Ministry Of Education and Sports.

Departments: Meritorious Biz Tech College has two major departments which include;

Department Computing and Information Technology: This has been carefully developed and equipped with the most experienced human resource that can be found in the region. This Department is meant to nurture innovative minds in Computing and Computer Engineering disciplines for tomorrow.

Department of Management: This has been established to produce entrepreneurs with best practice skills in business. Students in this department will undertake a big part of their studies through experiential learning to equip them with all the necessary skills and values of the work place.

[related_posts]Diploma Courses: Meritorious Biz Tech College is offering the following diploma courses; human resource management, graphics designing, marketing, information technology, mass communication, public administration, accounting and finance, business administration, entrepreneurship, computer engineering, banking and finance management, taxation management and project management. Meritorious Biz Tech College also offers a number of one year certificate courses.

Facilities: Library which has Services like, wireless Internet services, Books borrowing, discussion participation & attendance. Meritorious Biz Tech College Library is well equipped with fully required materials which provide a convenience atmosphere for the students to carry out research.

Vision: Meritorious Biz Tech College vision is enhancing and creating confidence among the business professionals through practical training to serve overall Business community with a distinct edge.

Meritorious Biz Tech College is committed to achieving it through an enriched learning experience that blends a variety of teaching and learning methods. It is very satisfying to the founders of MBTC to have established a College that has great focus on the quality of teaching and research, engagement and innovation.

Mission: Meritorious Biz Tech College mission is to advocate the integrity of Professionalism and to train students by collective efforts of multiple professionals i.e. Bookkeepers, Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Office Administrators and Software Engineers by providing realistic service environment to Business community.

Suite 405-406 Ham Towers, Plot No. 923 Makerere Hill Road.


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