The Hungry Caterpillar

“Today a caterpillar; Tomorrow a butterfly.”

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The Hungry Caterpillar kindergarten was established to help the children learn through natural development as we also encourage them to learn through a variety of planned and purposeful activities.

Parents can also find a solution to their demanding schedule when they can entrust the little ones with our experienced and trustworthy teachers.

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Our programs at The Hungry Caterpillars’ are well arranged and are orderly to suit the different age groups. There is a lot of child involvement with hands on experiences to enable the child learn practically. Various activities are carried out to develop all aspects of the child’s growth. Theses include;
• Language & Literacy: Here we teach them drawing, coloring and art & crafts.
• Speaking & Listening: This is basically were every child’s speaking and listening capabilities are developed through music and picture interpretation.
• Maths & Numeracy: We include Jigsaws, Puzzles and values
• Knowledge and Understanding of the world: An awareness of the world around with hands on experience.
• Personal and Social Development: These activities help the child bring out the best talent in a child: Music, dance, drama, drawing and painting, art and craft. All teaching is activity based and in English.

  • Swimming pool: specially designed for the children to splash in under the watchful eye of a trained adult.
  • Classrooms: At The Hungry Caterpillar, we have pretty colorful curtains and child friendly furniture. Each of the classrooms has a home corner, construction corner and a reading area.[related_posts]
  • Library: which is located within the rear of the building in a calm and quiet atmosphere to help the children develop the reading skills.
  • Audiovisual room: where the children watch programs to suit the age group.
  • Computers: working on programmes designed to serve as reinforcement of all that is learnt in the class.
  • Beautiful Sight: welcomes all in morning glory when parents drop off their children amidst song, dance, can join in or watch as their child settles down.
  • Sports facility: for the children to develop their gross motor skills in the sports field. A spacious shady sandpit is also available for the children to freak out
  • Attractive Garden: with their little garden patch for each child to grow their first flowers and vegetables.
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