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We focus on the individual child and their differing needs and recognise that all children achieve at different times within their lives.

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Pre-School Express is an early childhood education centre in Kiwatule, Uganda for children aged 2 to 6 years old. We provide a world-class learning environment; spacious and modern facilities; and a secure, happy and homely setting.


The School curriculum reflects a blend of local and internationally recognized teaching methods and has been carefully designed to help each child realizetheir full potential, achieve their best and learn the wonder and joy of discovery. We prepare each child for the primary school setting and beyond through the development of self-confidence, a strong foundation for learning and appropriate social skills.

Our curriculum ensures that children develop a strong academic foundation in mathematics, languages, science, art and music through a balanced, child-centered approach with teacher-directed learning that nurtures and develops the strength and talent of every child.

Our curriculum reflects a blend of local and internationally recognised teaching methods and has been designed to help each child realise their full potential, achieve their best and learn the wonder and joy of discovery. We use the Ugandan Learning Framework for Early Childhood Development combined with elements from the British Early Years Foundation Stage.

In our younger classes we centre 80% of our activities on learning through play as an essential part of child development in the early years. Details of each stage of the curriculum and how you can help your child(ren) achieve the set targets are given to parents at a Parent Briefing held at the beginning of the school year (usually third week of first term).

Our Rooms

At Pre-School Express we believe in small class sizes, bright and cheerful rooms and a good range of equipment and activities to keep your child learning and stimulated throughout their time with us. We see every child as an individual and recognise that all children achieve at different times within their lives. Our rooms are organised to be appropriate for each learning age, so whether your child is two years old or nearly school age, they will have everything they need to get the best start in their educational life.

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Our Discoverers have every opportunity to thrive in an environment, which encourages their creativity, independence, confidence, determination and joy of discovery! We carry out a range of activites to help the children learn to recognise colours; develop their skills holding a paint brush and pencil and develop the ability to interact within a group. In addition to structured activities, we like to give the children the opportunity to choose their activities and where they would like to play. From colouring and play dough to fancy dress, singtime and storytime, books, cars and dolls our Discoverers have plenty of free play options both within and outside the classroom. Our Discoverers should be potty trained or in the process of learning. We understand that potty training can be daunting but the staff in the Discoveries room are experienced and knowledgeable on this matter and are here to support you.

In Explorers we carry out a range of daily activities that allow the children to continue to develop and learn through hands on experiences. Our Explorers are encouraged to be inquisitive and we welcome every what, why and how with excitment. Activities include circle times to discuss, learn about and share feelings and new concepts; phonics and handwriting practice; numeracy activities to develop their early mathematical understanding; and art and craft. Singtime and storytime are a favourite in all our rooms and play a key role in language, speech, creativity and rhythm development.

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Excellent Performance

Rated 5 out of 5
August 23, 2022

I just love everything about MUMSA high school, Excellent Performance, They focus on every activity that nurtures a well disciplined citizen ready to face this compititive and challenging world.

Ssebatta umar
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