Mother Goose Nursery & Daycare

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Mother Goose Nursery & Daycare focuses on laying a good foundation for your toddler on which later child development can be fostered. The school understands that a child’s attitudes, interests and personality strengths are built during their early years.This is why it centers the learning programs on developing your child’s emotional, social and intellectual capacities.

The school approach features various learning methods and teaching styles to equip the child with a balanced nursery education.

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Mother Goose Nursery & Daycare offers a friendly and fun daycare environment, which stimulates the child’s development. The motherly child minders ensure your child receives the care and nurturing they need.
The school is committed to providing a wholesome formative education to enable your child contend with the demands of our world.

The school Programs

The school engages the children in preparatory reading skills for their personal development and social competence. This gives them confidence to express themselves in an intelligent manner and enhances active listening. This prepares them for later stages of education.

Through playing activities, The School encourages free expression and build your child’s vocabulary as they interact with other children.

Co-curricular Activities

At Mother goose, your child will engage in active play activities such as climbing ladders, swinging, riding seesaws, sliding skipping among others, which improve physical skills of children. They gain muscle control; improve their posture and improve balance and coordination. We also schedule a sports day for fun and entertainment.

[related_posts]Drawing stimulates young minds and enables children to improve hand-eye coordination. The school provides various drawing exercises to encourage the children to express themselves and to experiment with various shapes and symbols. Through this, they are able to develop finger and wrist dexterity and spur creativity.


The nursery school is set to modern standards with both local and international curriculum. We employ the concept of educare in the teaching with which we cater for the growth needs of your child through play.

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