Mini Me International

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Mini Me International was established to provide a rich environment for young children to be loved, cared for and also to begin their education. Located at Sekajja Road, Kito-Kira, in Kira town council in the heart of an affluent residential neighborhood. At Mini Me, every child has an opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them within happy and safe surroundings. We make your child Welcome to Mini Me International.
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Motor skills:

Using hand-eye coordination to perform activities that require fine motor skills, gross motor skills, analytical and reasoning skills as well as number and math skills.

Primary Curriculum (IPC) Early Years Program (EYP) designed for children from 3 to 5 years of age. We ensure that all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.


• Busy Bee Science Explorers Class
• Mini Farming Class
• Cookery Class
• Outdoor Games
• Swimming and Water Play
• Fine Arts Club
• Dance Club
• Performing Arts Club
• Music & Rhymes Club
• Story Book & Storytelling Club

A list of facilities as shown below:

• Secure, child-centered, and stylish
• Kitchen & Meal services
• Sleeping room
• Music room
• TVs for multimedia learning in each class
• 2 Play areas
• Shuttle services

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