Mantopal Day Care Nursery School

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Mantopal Day Care Nursery School is situated in Jomayi Katale Lower Estate Bunamwaya. The school offers both kindergarten and day care services. Its coverage area stretches from Kajjansi, Seguku, Lubowa Estate, Zana, Nalumunye, Mutundwe, Lubaga, Kabowa, Busawula, Nalukolongo, Kitebi, Bandwe, Ngobe and Kisugula.

Program Curriculum: Most of the following activities are introduced to the children in; English: these are reading, writing, developing listening and speaking skills, counting letters, developmental spelling skills, storytelling, language encircling and literacy.

Math: Counting numbers 0 to 100, Recognizing numbers 0 to 100, Comparing and ordering numbers using the vocabulary: greater than, less than, more and less, Simple addition and subtraction, Simple fractions, Measurement, Identifying and drawing simple and more complex geometric shapes, Calendar awareness, Telling time and Problem solving.

Science: metamorphosis and growth, plants and animals, human body, weather, nature and environmental awareness.

Geography and History: Knowing self, family and community, homes and neighborhoods, community and maps at community level, historical people and places. Others include introduction to art.

[related_posts]Admission: Admission is on a first come first serve basis. If you decide to place your child with Mantopal Day care and Nursery School you will be required to complete a registration form & pay a registration fee to secure your child a place (this is non-refundable), this contributes towards administration costs. The registration form consists of information such as personal details, emergency contacts numbers, medical history etc should you need any assistance answering or completing the form please feel free to ask a member of staff.

Nursery Aims and Objectives

  • To promote a warm and caring environment.
  • To enhance learning through play
  • To meet the individual needs of each child and allow them the opportunity to develop to their full potential, working in partnership with parents, careers and outside individuals.
  • To follow and work within the suggested frame work set by the Ministry of Education covering the Foundation Stage Curriculum.
  • To provide and maintain a safe, stimulating environment and offer opportunities for many new and varied experiences.
  • To put policies and procedures into practice.
  • To include everyone – staff, children, and parents into all aspects of nursery life.
  • To incorporate a range of cultures, festivals and celebrations into the curriculum.


Facilities: Mantopal Day Care Nursery School has brand new buses which pick children from their homes to school from different directions. Other key facilities include recreation grounds, classrooms, accommodation facilities and playing equipment.

Extracellular activities: Mantopal Day Care Nursery School offers a variety of sports and develops the children’s talents in Music, Dance and Drama at an early age. The Sports and Games are football (soccer), rope jumping, athletics, swings, scrabble, draft and puzzles

Plot 28/29 Jomayi Lower Estate, Katale

P.O Box 29610,

Kampala, Uganda.


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