Lala’s Day Care Preschool

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Lala’s Daycare Pre-School strives for excellence in childcare and Early Childhood Development (ECD) in an environment that treasures and challenges each individual child. Lala’s Daycare Pre-School Nursery (Baby) class has a 8:1 pupil/teacher ratio, Kindergarten (middle) 11:1 ratio, Reception (top) class a 13:1 ratio and P.1, 16:1 ratio. Lala’s Daycare Pre-School classes are small to give full attention to each child.

Lala’s Daycare and Pre-School is a Christian based school, where all manner of teaching and learning is inclined on the word of God. They teach the local (Ugandan) curriculum, using the English Methodologies. These are child friendly methods, where learners are basically taught through play. Self-esteem is para-mount on our list of objectives.

Curriculum: Lala’s Daycare Pre-School follows a mixture of the local and the English National Curriculum incorporating the philosophy and aims of the school, thereby enabling the children to have a wide range of experiences, skills and interests. The subjects covered create a strong foundation in the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and mental and literacy development of the children.

[related_posts]Services Offered: Lala’s Daycare Pre-School has recently become a fully fledged Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), offering care/education services to children from 3 months to 8 years. These services include;

  • Day Care         Infant Group   3 – 18 months old babies
  • Play Group      18 – 24 months old babies
  • Explorers’ Group        2 – 3 years toddlers
  • Nursery           Baby Class      3 – 4 years
  • Kindergarten   Middle Class   4 – 5years
  • Pre –School     Top Class        5 – 6 years
  • Primary            Primary 1         6 – 7 years

Co curricular activities: Lala’s Daycare Pre-School trips in and around Kampala are organized by the school. They also offer a wide variety of after school clubs. These include swimming, art and crafts, computer and cooking.


Transport: Lala’s Daycare Pre-School has a school shuttle that picks and/or drop children from their homes. The transport fares depend on the distance, the terrain of the road and the number of children in a specific area.

Medical/Health care: Lala’s Daycare Pre-School is affiliated to a nearby clinic (doctor’s Clinic), where a full time Doctor is available on call. If any child gets ill to the extent of endangering other children however, parents will be notified and requested to make other arrangements for the child’s health care where need be.

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