Lady Bird International Preschool

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Lady Bird International Preschool seeks to create a supportive environment for parents and children, and their staff-to-child ratios are small enough to provide many opportunities for individual attention. Additionally, Lady Bird Preschool believes consistency is important in modeling positive behavior for children, and throughout all our teaching, they use only positive reinforcement.

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Ladybird International Preschool first opened 2008 as a small day care centre. Due to the quality programs and care provided, lady bird soon expanded. The first expansion came in when they moved to Mawanda road in 2013. Parents found they had nowhere to take their children once they reached the age of 6 months so we decided to cater for them till the age of 6. Ladybird preschool then started following the Montessori and jolly phonics system which has since then attracted more results.

Activities: Singing and dancing, storytelling, physical education, sorting, going over pasting, colouring pictures, drawing pictures, painting, sand pit, modeling, building using a variety of objects, watering plants, pasting, bible study(optional), threading and spooning. At Lady Bird International Preschool, education offered includes;

  • Writing and reading (jolly phonics)
  • Creative drawing
  • Environment study
  • Reciting of alphabet and numbers
  • Social and emotional behavior
  • Potty training
  • Scribbling and pencil grip.

Programmes: At lady bird international pre-school, we offer classes from 6-months to 6-years starting with baby room, Play group, baby class, upper class and middle class. Their programmes include painting, Nursery and Kindergarten – They teach: Reading and Writing, Numbers and Alphabet, Music, Dance and Drama, Speaking and Listening, Social Life skills and self esteem, as well as Art & Crafts.

Lady Bird International Preschool provides different facilities and Services that no other preschool provides with: Facilities for breast feeding mums; Afternoon care programs for kids from other schools; After school activities like ballet, piano lessons, sports; weekend child care programs; One stop venue for kids parties; Children’s career guidance and nutritional advice; Indoor and Outdoor facilities for Kids games.

Lady Bird International Preschool, Plot 68 Tufnell Drive, Mawanda Road.

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