Kissyfur International Kindergarten

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Established in 1993, Kissyfur International Kindergarten has branches in Bugolobi (Kampala) and Entebbe. Kissyfur International Kindergarten has a consistent record of providing top quality care and pre-school education for children from 18 months to six years of age. The Kissyfur International Kindergarten programme is based on the “PLAY-WAY” method of pre-school education that is advocated for by the International and Ugandan National Curriculum Development Association.

kissyfur1Kissyfur International Kindergarten has a strong academic program that prepares children for a smooth transition into primary school (National and International schools). At entry, Kissyfur International Kindergarten graduates stand out as self-confident, capable and independent learners. The daily school program provides a wide range of social, academic, musical, artistic and other creative activities.

Study hours: Kissyfur International Kindergarten is open all year round. We have two sessions per day: 8 am – 1 pm and 8 am – 5.30 pm.

Mission: Kissyfur International Kindergarten is committed to providing a high quality programme that matches the professional standards and appropriate for children in a safe, healthy and loving environment.

Areas of Learning at Kissyfur International Kindergarten: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication, language and literacy, Mathematical development, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Physical development, Creative Development.

Meals: Kissyfur International Kindergarten provides two meals a day for the children. The food is prepared from high quality ingredients and according to the highest standards of hygiene. Good eating habits, cleanliness and personal hygiene are taught as an integral part of the school programme.

Facilities: Kissyfur International Kindergarten provides an ideal ‘home out of home’ for all pupils. All our facilities meet local and international standards. Class sizes are kept small (12-16 children), which ensures that your child’s interest and needs are met. Each class is lead by a professional teacher and an assistant teacher. Our classrooms are cosy and colorful. This will stimulate creativity, but ensure children stay focused and are not distracted.

[related_posts]Rest: Kissyfur International Kindergarten provides beds for children who need a rest in the afternoons.

Extra-curricular activities: Music and swimming (water play) and physical education lessons are given by a specialist teacher to facilitate development in all areas of learning.

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