Kiira Nursery and Infant School

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Kiira Nursery and Infant School provides a nurturing environment in which young children are encouraged to develop their independence and self-confidence through an individualised curriculum created for each child. In the classroom, children learn through the hands-on exploration of concrete materials and through the observation of the older children in the class. kiira infant and nursery school


The classroom, being a multi-aged environment, encourages younger children to learn from their elder peers and allows the older children the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by becoming role models for their younger classmates.
Much attention is placed on assisting the child to develop their fine motor skills through the use of Montessori materials. This leads to a more explorative child who is confident to try more and more challenging materials in the classroom.

Classrooms are designed to meet the needs of the children; therefore, teachers give presentations using age appropriate materials.


kiira infant and nursery schoolThe child begins their journey in the Practical Life and Sensorial Area and moves into the Language, Math, Science and Culture areas when they are ready. The classroom is divided into six areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Science and Culture. An art programme will be an extra part of our curriculum.

We are proud of the fact that we employ qualified and experienced international Montessori teachers, with ample assistants. This means our staff is able to properly teach a curriculum according to the specific aims of the Montessori method of education. The excellent teacher-child ratio enables students to be given assistance whenever they need it. This in turn helps them to become more confident in their skills, and eventually to begin trying more and more activities without assistance. Class sizes are ideal, in that every student is known by everyone, yet there are also enough peers from which to learn and interact.

In our pre-school, there are clear and consistent expectations about age-appropriate behaviour, and all children are strongly encouraged to take an active involvement in all activities. The pre-school has a very strong focus on key social skills such as sharing, using manners and treating people with respect. Our students’ skills and confidence grow on an almost daily basis, which is an absolute pleasure to witness!
Kiira Nursery and Infant School is very closed linked to Kiira Junior Preparatory School, where we hope our pre-school students will progress to, when they reach the appropriate age. KJPS has many similar aims, with a focus on academic achievement, social skills and learning about the world around us

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