Kasese Humanist Primary School

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Kasese Humanist Primary School is a secular Nursery & Primary School offering Primary Education to Ugandan Children. The school has 2 campuses namely Railway campus (Nursery – P.7) and Rukoki Campus (Nursery section only). Kasese Humanist Primary School is found in Rukoki – Nyamwamba Division, Kasese Municipality, and Western Uganda.

Curriculum Provision: Kasese Humanist Primary School offers lessons to children as required by the Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports, normally there are 4 major subjects taught and examinable by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). These subjects are Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies. Lessons like Physical Education are also mandatory to all the classes.

Balanced Secular Education: Kasese Humanist Primary School is set up on the foundation of Science and Humanism. so Humanism and Free thought knowledge is taught to the learners, Humanist principles, Values and ethics are offered to their children, free inquiry and critical thinking based on science philosophy is emphasized and lessons offered are free from dogmas and indoctrinations which is prevalent in the majority of Ugandan communities. Kasese Humanist Primary School embraces REASON and belief in things backed by empirical evidence not myths, fairy tales and allegories.

[related_posts]Arts & Crafts Provision: Kasese Humanist Primary School provides Arts and Crafts lessons to learners such that they are exposed to creativity to make things like ropes, mats, beads, pots, portraits, drawings and objects from available raw materials or wastes or trashes which can be of use to human nature.

Music, Dance & Drama Section: Kasese Humanist Primary School labors a lot in exposing the children to love music, to dance and participate in singing, create plays and poems and make presentations to fellow students. The world as it stands, the Music industry employs lots of people, some have earned reputations as celebrities who have transformed lives and made this world a better place.

Games and Sports Section: Kasese Humanist Primary School avails a wide selection of sports and games activities to the children. Main games at the school are foot ball, net ball, rope skipping. More games are to be introduced soon and plans are under way avail to the children especially those in the nursery section a playing room for them at times when they are not engaged in active learning.

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