Hope Children’s Academy

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Hope Children’s Academy goal is to empower communities and reduction of poverty through a combination of education (Day Care and Kindergarten), nutrition, healthcare and income generating activities. Hope Children’s Academy (Full-time Daycare, Nursery and Primary school)- Kasala- Kalagi,Mukono. Hope Children’s Academy is a place where learning is fun.

Hope Children’s Academy believes every child is a special little person with unique talents and abilities. They work hand in hand with the community to provide children with the opportunity to explore their potential and truly shine!

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Early childhood is an essential time for development. The school has integrated lots of hands-on materials that allow students to experiment with reading, writing, music and art.

Children benefit from computer classes and a unique skills training program that aims to equip children with valuable skills and instill a life-long love for learning. Education at Hope Children’s Academy is about more than just academic excellence. It’s about engaging the whole person; it’s about finding each and every child’s unique gifts and nurturing them.

At Hope Children’s Academy there’s belief of long term success begins and grows at the community level. With the intent of reducing donor reliance, they introduced various projects aimed at raising an income for operational expenses of the school.

The school also introduced the livestock farm project, food growing project and other projects will be introduced soon. At the moment the sponsorship program provides funding to 100% of all school attendees


The school provides education, nutrition and immunizations to 100 orphans and vulnerable children. They offer preschool, kindergarten, primary 1, primary 2 and primary 3 classes.

[related_posts]Parents are directly involved in operations and work cooperatively in the school garden in exchange for low-cost or free tuition. School gardens provide children meals as well as cash crop, which support our model for local sustainability.


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