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Greenhill Academy is a private, Christian founded school started in February 1994 with 35 students. With now over 2500 boys and girls, in nursery, primary and secondary schools. The secondary alone has over 500 students.

The school occupies 7 acres on its original site including the secondary building that is two storied and many primary and nursery buildings. Boarding facilities were opened in 2007 on the adjacent 6 acre site. Students of all nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds are welcome to Greenhill.

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Mission: To provide high quality education which transforms the Greenhill Community and beyond.

Vision: An exemplary person contributing effectively to society.

Core Values: Courtesy Christian Based Result Oriented Transparency, Integrity & Professionalism.

Nursery Curriculum: Greenhill Academy follows the National Curriculum Development Center “ NCDC thematic curriculum that is delivered in English; we also feature to see that we empower young children with skills enough to ensure: early breakthrough to literacy; mastery of numeracy skills; empowerment in the use of life skills; providing a head start to the acquisition of higher order thinking skills and the development of basic language skills for lifelong learning.

Primary Curriculum: Greenhill Academy makes sure each child expresses out by limiting numbers in classes to 45 students. The school follows the English curriculum and offers a wide range of learning subjects including; Literacy 1&2 for lower primary, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Physical Education, Swimming, French, Music, Video studies, Computer Studies, Art and Design.

Secondary Study Curriculum: The Greenhill Academy secondary school offers a wide range of study subjects in 3 categories; Vocational Subjects (Commerce, Economics, Accounts, Computer Studies, Fine-Art, Music), Science subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Languages (English, Literature, Swahili & French) and Arts & Humanities (Geography, History, Divinity).

Learning hours: Greenhill Academy classes start at 7:30 and end at 4:00pm, from Monday to Friday, though the Saturdays may be used for Music and Drama practice.

Exams at Greenhill Academy: There is student evaluation at the beginning, mid and at the end of the term based on academic class work, social affairs, as well as national matters to enable our student browse an expanded piece of knowledge.

Study trips: Greenhill Academy pupils are also guided through study trips to the physical features and places to bring comparison of what is learnt in class and the physical experience. Each class holds a study trip each academic year.


Greenhill Academy welcomes applications from the parents of pupils who understand and support the mission. Greenhill Academy, when considering applicants, takes into account both the suitability of the educational program for the particular applicant and the availability of vacancies in the school.

Library: the Greenhill Academy library is equipped with well-balanced stock of books in different categories.

Computer lab: Greenhill Academy has 3 computer labs, The Secondary School computer lab, The Primary School Computer lab, and the Buwaate Campus Computer lab. Each of the labs takes in 6o users at a time. Our class sizes range between 45 – 55 students.

Swimming pool: Greenhill Academy has a big swimming pool from where swimming practice takes place. Swimming is compulsory for each class and students from Pre-Primary to Secondary School. Every year Swimming galas are held, swimmers are selected from each of the six houses; Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple and Blue.

Car parking: All vehicles for parents and visitors are easily accommodated in the Greenhill Academy parking. Security is provided for all cars in the parking. The parking takes from small to large size vehicles.

Accomodation: Greenhill Academy boarding section has an accommodation complex embedded with quality pair beds, lockers, and underground water tank and power backup batteries to avail power in case electricity supply is down.

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