Good Mother Nursery and Day Care Center

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The Day Care Center: At Good Mother Nursery and Day Care Center, The day care center is designed to cater for specific requirements for babies, toddlers and kids under three years of age. It is furnished and well maintained with clean beddings, play facilities, wash and rest rooms among others.

The Nursery Section: At Good Mother Nursery and Day Care Center , This section admits children 3 to 5 years old. The classes are small to give full attention to the child and this enables the teacher to capture the individual child’s potential. The school is equipped with modern and educative toys for all age groups and there is ample and comfortable space in and outdoor.

[related_posts]Meals: Good Mother Nursery and Day Care Center provides nutritious meals including porridge, milk, juice and snacks at mid-morning break, afternoon break and before children are taken home. Lunch is provided at school and meal times are taken as social events where the school staff and the children dine together in a homely environment.

mother gooseHoliday School: Good Mother Nursery and Day Care Center has a program for children between ages 6 to 14 years running every school holiday. The children are taught housekeeping skills, mopping floors, making beds, preparing meals using modern and traditional methods among others.

Admission: Children can be enrolled at Good Mother Nursery and Day Care Center throughout the year according to availability of vacancies. Our commitment to keep your child sets us apart from so many schools. Our goal is not only to meet the needs of the child you bring to us, but we confidently assure you that the child will be well and secure in the hands of caring people.

mulago Hill, Owen Road , Mulago Hospital Complex

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